Founder YABURO
The founder of Emotional interior conception

About Me

There are people who literally create the world. We would love to introduce you to such a person. Meet Yaroslava Rybina, the creator of the emotional interiors concept, she will explain what we do: We are not placing furniture and decorations, but setting the great mood and the right emotions.
   Giving a shape to what you have already done. Proving the importance of the functional simplicity. We use marketing as a foundation—your customers are our target audience. We explore the company’s values and find special customized solutions to improve the efficiency of your employees. We create a space where perception is a tool. We model emotions, for they are primary. ‘How does a person feel in a room?’ is the key question.
    This is why the emotional design is a necessity. We structurize each square centimeter of the environment. Twelve years of experience allow us to help our clients to avoid pitfalls. Your project’s prosperity is the main priority—let's accomplish this task together. Welcome to YABURO, the studio of emotional design.

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