Automatization Commerce


Automatization commerce

IT-specialists are bright, fashionable, dynamic and demanding people. Meet Automatization Commerce, a young and ambitious IT company with the big bright future. Silicon Valley for such as these is a completely logical next step of development. And we had to match!

Problems and tasks

The former office was an uncomfortable, poorly planned apartment. Inspired workers? Forget about it—mountains of papers, drab existence. ‘Destroying office stereotypes! — with this eloquent motto YABURO attacked the problem. The budget is limited, the task is utterly clear, let's do it!


There are such offices where a workplace feels like home and a team is one big family; offices where people run from their families and kids into. Such is the true American coworking. We have turned Automatization Commerce into a community where the members exchange ideas and experiences, earn money and have a great time together. Our confident, daring and successful solution is a coworking styled as art-space.

Do you know how the wires look like? We have created this kind of delicate and intricate communication between employees and visitors. We removed the boundaries between the working and the lounge zones, cleared space for 'work without limits'. Now everyone can choose their own comfortable spot in the office. On the one hand, the posters with super-heroes emphasize the informality of the atmosphere. On the other hand, this is exactly how we percept the IT-industry workers—and, believe, we had a chance to get into the very essence of their work!

Multiple meeting rooms, spacious working desks, panoramic windows with the city view—every solution was meant to inspire and create comfort, unify a serious tech business, the easy atmosphere and fun of work.

‘Automatization Commerce is a dream company‘—we nailed this idea down by the lounge zone with table tennis, a yoga room and an X-box game room. The team members’ morning begins with a cup of coffee at the stylish American kitchen.

The bright ligh sets up the proper working mood in the office; this kind of  lightening is meant to fix the atmospher of lucid trusting partnership. Green, yellow and orange colors stimulate activity of business processes. Each employee should feel creative, dynamic and successful in the new space

By using the emotional design technology, Yaroslava Rybina maximizes the successfulness of our clients’ business. Automatization Commerce is a vivid example: the project turned out to be really catchy, atmospheric, contemporaty. We’ve stimulated the intensive team work and are now absolutely sure about the company’s bright future. Let’s move further!

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