3 features of emotional design

1.We allocate places for social sinteraction of employee


It is clear that in each office there must be a hall for other places, the kitchen itself and the reception area or reception. Quite often, offices do not have enough rest area from a working routine. It is clear that the kitchen is a place where you can have lunch and talk over a cup of coffee. But, there is a lack of that ideal place where an employee can go in and completely disconnect from the outside world and tune in to a productive day. Therefore, it is an indispensable point for us in creating offices with the help of emotional design.

2. We help to focus on the company's goals with using colors and textures of the interior


Conducting experiments on the combination of colors and textures, we realized that a certain combination affects human emotions in different ways.  Imagine a room in black color. And imagine in white? You immediately change your facial expression: eyebrows start to frown from black, and from white - your eyes will become more expressive. Is it not? Therefore, first of all, we create the emotion you need with the help of colors.

3. We use interactive installations


You might think that we use interactive installations with guided only by silly imagination and creativity. However, it is not the truth. According to a study, when a person is focused on a task, it is harder for him to find a solution than when our brain is busy with something else. Therefore, it is very important to be distracted and relax. Because,the best people come up with something or solve problems are that people who are able to switch from their work to rest. And in particular, if this vacation can be arranged in your favorite office.

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