Creativity of YABURO has no bounds—proved by Razorfish. This time the image of the company’s representative office in Australia was at stake. Expensive things require special attention—such was the premise YABURO took over a new project on the other side of the world with.


The company was undergoing the rebranding and a new identity was still not found. Imagine, on the one hand—the market leader, the symbol of innovation and creativity, the threat of competitors, insane dynamics of growth. On the second hand, a faceless office not reflecting the level of services provided at all. Our task was to modernize the image of Razorfish and help the company to dot the I’s while positioning at the international market.


We aimed for authenticity with Rasorfish’s status. We molded future emotions and impressions of the company`s visitors and clients. We created visualization of reliability, success, colossal trust and the sensation of partnership—the image of the Matrix that never glitches. In the end, the company’s employees got a prestigious working place where creative energy is being transformed into money. Welcome to the business space of successful people!

Pay attention to work with colors. We’ve gotten the desirable cocktail of emotions by mixing green, yellow and orange.

The energy is born where all the elements of space come into contact. We wanted the clients to feel power, strength and successfulness of Razorfish, so we created an intense swirl of movement at the entrance. There is the waiting area right behind the reception desk, watching from here the work boiling and the people’s activity, feeling the dynamic rhythm of the company, no one would ever think there are Razorfish’s competitors on this planet.

‘We are focused, every our step makes sense, we are the very essence.’ This is the brand philosophy that YABURO embodied in the interior. Clear images, minimum details, open spaces and room left for imagination. We created a convenient design-communication mechanism between all the links—a client, a marketer, a director. We erased the boundaries between Razorfish and the outer world, showed what the real open-space is. There are no unwanted associations, digital; reigns here—innovative gadgets and hi-tech boards, one can write ideas even on glass partitions, for every idea is valuable and potentially revolutionary. Light is a symbol of trust, so we did not spare it in this project.

To nail down the emotional sensation of succesfulness we added vivid visual proofs—video monitors broadcasting Razorfich’s top cases.

YABURO had created a clean, smart and neat space where each element radiates ideas. We are not magicians, but, according to reports, after implementation our ‘emotional design’, the company’s revenues had increased by 30%. Welcome to the heavenly office on planet Earth, Digital Agency Razorfish.

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