Safir Law&Finace

Safir Law & Finace is a leader among Ukrainian consulting companies. Imagine the level of responsibility: economics, finances, business protection, legal services, foreign economic relations, company registration, market forecasting, innovations. A series of sophisticated professional challenges, solutions and victories. And YABURO is in this big game! Maximum bids and adamant success. Using the ‘emotional design’ technology, we ‘dressed’ Safir Law & Finace in ‘haute couture’, the only relevant to their status.

Problems and tasks

What is the task? Transition from the ‘ordinary office’ level to the top of the business stair. A new design, a recognizable look, a portrait of the company's highest reputation—the old appearance reflected neither the status, nor the values.


In legal business, as in sports, there is no right for a mistake. The stakes are too high, and if there is no constant growth, you quickly out the game. We stressed out the brand's ambitiousness and focused on a clients’ trust; tried to create the sense of confidence that they deal with top-notch pros was our number one priority.

Every communication in consulting is a whole life with its history, problems, emotions and solutions. We aimed to inspire clients with the sensation that they came in the only right place for their business.
The ambiguous heavy-blue colour was replaced by sky-blue esteblishing the atmosphere of tranquility.

The ambiguous heavy-blue colour was replaced by sky-blue esteblishing the atmosphere of tranquility.
Demonstrative luxury of legal companies was sent into oblivion. Instead YABURO brought in lightness and eco-approach. Ambitions were veiled: the pretentious red was replaced by natural wood textures. Emotional emphasis is made on trust—it’s a large and thoughtful business.
Without false modesty, ergonomics in this project is brought to perfection. Hello, the comfortable and harmonious space.
In every YABURO’s project the interests of employees are taken into account. Our mission is to make people happy with the atmosphere, to give them the feeling of team—this is the best way to ‘program’ them on quick, neat and effective task solving. Bright lighting is meant to stimulate productivity. Safir Law & Finace — I'm working here!

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