Лабораторія майбутнього


SYNEVO is an international medical laboratory, the leader of this segment in Europe with branches in Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and 79 more countries. Opening a clinic of this format is a real breakthrough for Ukraine.


What associations come to your mind when you hear words like `medical laboratory`? Yeah, indeed. So, enough of faceless and anxious hospital images, we decided. We are changing the format and the perception. Eliminating patients' nervousness and fear. We are creating a brand- new, nice and kind face of medicine.


Eco-friendly style was chosen a basis of SYNEVO’s emotional design. Bright colors, joy-radiating photos and writings — just optimistic, positive emotions.

The layout was complicated by a long staircase, aggravating suspense. We decorated this ‘long climb’ in such a way that it would become more easy and comfortable; the contours of people’s figures on the walls are meant to cheer up ‘You are not alone!’. Not forgetting about SYNEVO’s key messages, we also imprinted them on the walls—and, hopefully, in visitors’ mind — as a positive postcriptum.

The reception zone is a highlight of the interior, a yellow color made it bright, sunny and friendly.
A cozy mother-and- baby room, in our opinion, is the obligatory for any medical institution. Every single detail here is made with love.

Special attention was paid to the children`s department.

Special attention was paid to the children's department. Remember that spasm fettering your muscles at a doctor's sight when you were a kid? Only not in SYNEVO. We used sport equipment here—after hanging on the bar, a child will immediately get rid of tension. Little patients have a lot of interesting stuff to do here: drawing boards, toys, soft mats to crawl and to roll on. Cartoon characters encourage kids from the walls of the manipulation room. An important and serious process feels like a game, children can feel really comfortable and safe, and medicine, it turns out, can be kind. YABURO has managed to win the invaluable children's trust and there’s nothing more important for us.
The medical phobia reigning in medical institutions has been completely vanquished by SYNEVO. We’ve changed people’s perception and continue to make the world more beautiful!

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