Main office

We are infinitely proud

We are infinitely proud to create a design project for SYNEVO, a European leader among medical laboratories.  Opening more than 160 spots in Ukraine  speaks for itself—we will tell you how YABURO developed and implemented  the design of the company's main office.

Problems and tasks

Projecting a head office, for sure, but not for us. Growing very fast, SYNEVO faced an urgent need for the territory extension.  This entailed a new design,  a new positioning, a new success.  The reputation of the team in the Ukraine was at stake, we all had   to match high international standards. 

New perception

Horrifying medicine facilities are in the past, behold a new format of a health care institution, contemporary and innovative. Our solutions turned out to be more than successful and SYNEVO as a business project  started growing in geometric progression. YABURO’s work, in a way, helped to reposition the brand.

We repainted purple blue, associated rather with mournful calmness, into sky blue, the color of peace and serenity. SYNEVO's customers noted that it  gives them more tranquility and helps to stay optimistic.

Natural wood is another  vivid accent meant to induce   the sense of security in that particular enviroment. Eco-friendly materials create homey cosiness, transparent glass and molecule-shaped chandeliers in the lounge zone add brightness and modernity.

Reception is a face of an office

Reception is a face of an office, a business card, a first impression,  an emotionally key zone.  YABURO created a room where every wall,  corner and item in it radiates hospitality.

Meeting rooms were conceived to fit the following descriptions: convenient, stylish, avialable. The first floor is unquestionably optimal for such purposes. The nurse school is located here too—an excellent motivation for those who are not an employee of the company yet, but would love to be one!

We were permitted to interview the staff, for their motivation, after all, is one of key purposes of the emotional design technology. It was great to know that not only customers, but employees appreciated the new office, too. Five floors, new spacious offices, the art-styled dining room and the chillout zone leave no chance not to like their workplace. Everyone wants to be sucessful in the renewed office, everyone feels their value and is proud to be a part of the SYNEVO team.

Well, when a project falls into the hands of our senior designer Yaroslava Rybina  we start believing in miracles!  SYNEVO said that YABURO gave the project proper colors, emotions and the attitude—we are saying   ‘Thank you for the trust!’

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