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Marketing is not ‘just’ Kotler and Ogilvy, Edward Jones and Simon Litman, Jerry McCarthy and Booms and Bitner, Kim Jang and Steve Jobs. We are proud to introduce Ukraine's representatives to you — This Marketing, a team of friends, enthusiasts, pros of marketing, branding and digital. Welcome to the future.


We were creating an amazing and bright project—an HQ of the company called This Marketing. Everything was on the agenda—the first office, the image, the clients’ attitude. We had to inform the world that This Marketing is something more than just a marketing agency, and that a temporary digital form of existence —until it takes a shape and an office— is just the tip of the iceberg. A new, serious player had to be introduced to the business.


YABURO joined the project at the stage of finding a premise. We were looking one in the city center, since a location really matters for a marketing business. Every little thing, including surrounding infrastructure, was in the consideration. We knew that we were facing a difficult and interesting task — to sculpt, to draw, to build the future, create a tangible history, putting the meaning and values of the company into the interior.

Clean space at the entrance. We used glass to transfer the notion of openness—to the world, to new projects, employees, guests, customers. YABURO also made a special emphasis on the idea of ‘convenience’ inside the office.
Starting at the entrance and at a guest’s first emotion we sought to show that This Marketing differes from other marketing companies. The ultimate knockdown prepared by YABURO for competitors was walls of living moss. It's not just another soulless office, a space for solving issues —this is a place where life flourishes in all its manifestations.
We dared to use furniture with gold embellishment and oval-shaped chandeliers. Hard to convey in words the impression of this delicious mix—sophisticatedness, individuality, status.
This Marketing had declared ‘We do not follow the trends, we create them!’ It had to be obvious for every guest, whether it’s a key customer or a delivery service courier, that these are not beginners, but bold and confident pros. The 'sharp-toothed' image and the high status were accentuated by gold details and bright LED lighting.
Marketing implies trainings, conferences, meetings with customers. Sometimes it’s important to catch every moment, for that we created a photo zone. Everything has been taken into account.

Trust is a key point of marketing, Yaroslava Rybina has managed to transmit the notion of neutrality and transparency of business. It’s been decided not to overload the space with colours—just an emerald accent on partitions.
And now we got back to where we started: the basis of any company is its workers; everyone should feel inspiration, business-excitement and the team unity. We placed offices next to panoramic windows overlooking the downtown. Now life in This Marketing boils in the rhythm of the city!
They say, a brand is a phantom, a soap bubble, an empty shell. We state that marketing and advertising are tangible concepts. It’s a wonderful world living by its own laws and rules. And YABURO made them palpable, showed all the elements of working process from the inside, painted them in proper colors and arranged in orderly pigeonholes. And this is just the beginning.
Spoiler: due to successful activity and quick growth This Marketing is expanding. And the new emotional design from YABURO is in developing.

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